The First Woman To Travel The World By Automobile!Call to Adventure”: True Tales of the Wanderwell Expedtion, First Women to Circle the World in an Automobile

This is the sample reel for the proposed full-length documentary “Aloha Wanderwell’s Driving Passion,” the story of a remarkable young woman who, starting in 1922, literally drove around the world in a Model T Ford.
For more information on Aloha Wanderwell’s story, including a bio, photos, and exclusive material from Aloha’s unpublished memoirs and diaries, please visit the official website at:
This video, utilizing the surviving nitrate films from Aloha’s collection, was directed and edited by Alan Boyd for the Boyd Production Group, narrated by Tracy Landecker, with music by Maria Newman.
This project is being prepared in cooperation with Richard Diamond and the Estate of  Nile Baker.

We are looking to preserve the Wanderwell Expedition’s Nitrate Films. Please contact us.

All the films are in nitrate with a couple in 16mm. All films need to be transferred to HD immediately.

Please help us to save these historical films.