The Earthquake

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The Earthquake
Time: 1.53 Year: 1993
  • Description
Inspired by a fantastic story told by the legendary Marianne Faithfull, a strangely compelling tale (that she swears is true) regarding an incident involving the late, beloved Harry Nilsson. Well, subsequent research has determined it didn't really happen, but it's still a great story. Knowing that Nilsson himself was one of the planet's most dedicated Laurel and Hardy fans, I can't help but think he would have appreciated the saga. Curtis Armstrong, Harryhead extraordinaire (and gifted actor - watch for his stellar turn as Ahmet Ertegun in the new Ray Charles biopic) distributed copies of this song to Nilsson fans who attended a special "Harryfest" gathering at his home in 2000. So I guess this qualifies as sort of a convention tune…