Medley: Too Damn Cold/Hawaiian Rhapsody

Medley: Too Damn Cold/Hawaiian Rhapsody $0.99
Time: 4.12 Year: 2004
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Inspired by tales of sub degree weather on the East coast, this was written by Alan in 2004 as part of a musical compilation for ESQ magazine. This was written and recorded at the urging of Brian Chidester, a serious devotee of Hawaiian music and culture. Brian heard an old unfinished demo of the "Hawaiian Rhapsody" tune and suggested I use that as the basis for a track for David Beard's 2004 ESQ CD. Brian later came up with the little humming riff on the coda. Around the same time, Susan (Hobie) Lang was calling me up and complaining about the bitter cold of the East Coast winter, and the idea of the "story" came from there... This was a fun one to do - lots of friends came over and sang and played and spoke and otherwise chimed in. Hats off to the "Hula Girl Chorus."