Hollywood The Unusual

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Hollywood The Unusual $0.99
Time: 1.53 Year: 2002
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Excerpt from a score for a short 1920's film, which was written by Alan in 2002. For years I've been collecting and restoring vintage films, often licensing "Americana" footage for documentaries, broadcast, DVD release, etc... Years ago I found a wonderful little "travelogue" from 1928 showing off some of the eccentric architecture in Hollywood, and scored it for release on DVD and broadcast on the Classic Arts Channel (plug! plug! - it's available as a "bonus attraction" on Flicker Alley's release of "The Garden of Eden" available atinfo@boydproductiongroup.com. And yes, I did borrow a bit of "In My Merry Oldsmobile" for some great shots of 20's gas stations…